• Conditions of the Tax Free Refund

    - Non-Residents of EU countries or Norway (i.e. individuals residing outside the territory of the EU or Norway for at least 6 months).

    - Citizens of Finland residing outside the European Union and Norway permanently (for more than 6 months) can buy Tax-Free goods within the two weeks before they move outside the EU or Norway.

  • Getting the Refund

    Create an account at TaxFree.PRO. Buy goods marked ***Tax Free*** at local stores. Ask for a Tax Free Refund Form and your sales check at the checkout. When leaving the country, have your Tax-Free Refund Form stamped by a customs officer. Put the Form into a special prepaid envelope, and send it. To be sure your Form is delivered quickly, put the envelope into a mail box close to the Finnish border. The Refund will be transferred to your bank account, Visa or MasterCard, or e-wallet within one month.

  • Restrictions of a Tax Free Refund

    The minimum purchase amount to get a Tax Free Refund is EUR 40. For residents of Norway, this amount is EUR 170.

  • The benefits of signing up at TaxFree.PRO

    You are guaranteed to get the largest Tax Free Refund among similar systems. You can also benefit of the restricted special offers and discounts of our partner shops

Offline shopping

  • Using the purchased goods before their export

    You cannot use your purchases before exporting them. When checked by customs officers, the purchased goods must be in the original packaging sealed by the shop they are bought from. Damaged packaging or missing checks or labels may cause the failure to get Refunds.

  • Shops offering Tax-Free Shopping

    Look for the TaxFree.PRO logo at the shop displays. If you cannot find the logo outside the shop, look for it at the checkout or ask the shop employees if they offer Tax Free services. At the checkout, be sure to ask for a Tax Free Refund Form along with your sales receipt, and keep them safe. Before leaving the country, ask the customs to stamp the Form, and mail it to us in a prepaid envelope. You can also leave the envelope to any TaxFree.PRO mailbox at the Tax Free areas of the border crossing stations. You can also mail the Form at your home country or leave it to any mailbox in Finland.

    See the list of our partner shops at the site!

  • Tax Free Refund Form

    TaxFree.PRO club member's information will be printed automatically to the Tax Free Form:

    1.Your passport number;

    2.Your name and surname as they appear in your passport;

    3.Your residence details including the country and postcode;

    4.Your email address to simplify the process of getting further Tax-Free Refunds;

    5.Remember to sign the form.

    Please make sure your personal data are correct!

    If you have not registered to the TaxFree.PRO service yet, you can do it here.

  • Goods eligible for a Tax-Free Refund

    You can get a Tax-Free Refund for all tangible products, such as clothes, shoes, books, medicine, food household goods and appliances. There's no Tax-Free Refund for services of hotels, restaurants, etc.

Account Management

  • Deleting your account

    At any time, you can make a request to edit or delete your personal data (the procedure is free). To do that, just send an email to If you request to delete your personal data, your membership will be cancelled automatically, and this user agreement will be deemed terminated. You can edit your information at by logging in with the details created on registration.

  • ​Usage of your passport details

    Your passport details are required to identify you and your nationality. Only residents outside EU can make tax-free purchases. The recognition of the buyer is needed also to transfer your Tax-Free Refund to your card or e-wallet.

  • Editing my card details

    You can edit your personal details under "Payment information" after logging into website with the login information you have created.

  • ​Tracking the status of the Refund

    You can check the processing status of your Tax-Free Refund Form with your personal account in under "Orders".

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Online Shopping

  • Recognizing the online shops with Tax Free service

    Look for a special Tax-Free.PRO icon at online shops. When signing up at any online store, please specify your personal ID at TaxFree.PRO and your account data will be recognized automatically. If you haven't yet created an account with TaxFree.PRO, you can do it for free at You can also find a link to our site from the partner's webshop.

  • ​The documents required to get a Tax Free Refund

    We will require your passport, your sales receipt for the purchased goods and the Tax-Free Refund Form stamped at the customs. Your information will be printed to the Refund Form automatically, if you are a TaxFree.PRO club member. If you aren't our customer yet, you can join here to be a part of many club members that are already enjoying a wide variety of benefits.

  • Cash refunds

    Obtaining Tax Free Refund as a cash compensation is not possible. You can get a refund from you Tax-Free purchase to your debit card or your e-wallet. Look here for more information about refunds.