Shopping in Finland: How to use TaxFree.PRO

Step-by-step instructions on getting your Tax-Free Refund

TaxFree.PRO provides an opportunity to buy goods in Finland, saving part of their cost as the guaranteed Tax-Free Refund transferred to your e-account or Tax-Free bank card. You can make your purchases across Finland at the shops marked Tax-Free. They can be both clothing shops and appliance stores.

Why is this possible?

Each item of goods has its cost that includes the VAT (Value Added Tax). When Finnish citizens buy goods, the shop pays this tax to the state; the funds are then spent to meet the state's needs. However, citizens of other countries who make their purchases in Finland and pay the tax get nothing because they are not Finland's residents. Therefore, a number of countries have adopted the relevant laws that allow foreign citizens to make their purchase without having to pay the tax (Tax-Free).

Step by step instructions on Tax-Free shopping


Step 1. Create a free account at TaxFree.PRO

Once signed up on the site, you get your personal card with a unique code. With your account, choose your most convenient way to get a Refund: transfer to your bank card or your e-account. Once signed up in the system at TaxFree.PRO, you also get access to private offers and special offers from partner shops.

Step 2. Make your purchase at Finland's shops

Look for the taxfree.PRO logo at the shop. At the checkout, ask for your sales check and Tax-Free Refund Form. The minimum purchase amount per check should be more than EUR 40 (or EUR 170 for citizens of Norway).

Fill in the Form with Latin uppercase letters. Tell the assistant your TaxFree.PRO club card number, and your details will be printed on the Form automatically to save your time.


  • If you fill in the Tax-Free Refund Form manually, be careful: incorrect completion of the Form will result in refusal to refund the tax.
  • To get a Refund, you should not use the purchased goods in Finland and the EU. The item should be unused and originally packaged.

Step 3. Have your Form sealed

When leaving Finland, have your completed Tax-Free Refund Form sealed by the customs officer. Please keep all the items specified in the sales check at hand, as they will be checked by customs officers. Also, you will need a passport and the receipt. Leave the form stamped at customs.


  • No customs seal will result in no Tax Refund.
  • Purchased goods should be exported within 3 months from the date of purchase

Step 4. Get your Refund

You will get your Refund within a few days after we receive your completed Tax-Free Form with the customs seal.

Note! No Refund is made in cash.