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Our partners offer global brands. You can also take advantage of exclusive discounts and offers TaxFree.PRO members only. Take just a few minutes to sign up and have access to them. You can exercise your right to Tax-Free Refund when buying both the new collection and sell-out goods. Plan your shopping: place an order at an online partner shop. Fill in the Tax-Free Refund Form right at the shop website! Save your time shopping with TaxFree.PRO


TaxFree.PRO benefits

  • The easiest and the fastest way to make Tax-Free purchases right at the online shop
  • Get access to exclusive discount offers from our partner-shops
  • Quick automatic transfer of the Refund to your account
  • Delivery of the order to any place in Finland
  • At customs clearance, you only need to have your completed Tax-Free Return Form sealed
  • Registered participants of TaxFree.PRO are automatically identified at our partner shops
  • We guarantee you'll get the highest Tax-Free Refund rate
We guarantee you'll get the highest Tax-Free Refund when buying goods in Finland.

Where to shop

Regular shops

When in Finland, visit the "taxfree.PRO" marked shops. Those can be clothing and shoe stores, appliance shops, etc. You can find the list of our partner-shops here.

Online shops

Ordering goods at online shops and saving your money with Tax-Free Refund is now fast and easy. Sign up at the associated online shop and enter your personal Tax-Free code. Your data get synchronised automatically with the online shop, so you don't have to spend your time filling out a Tax-Free Refund Form.

Who can use the service

Residents outside the EU and Finland can buy goods Tax-Free.

Residents outside the EU or Norway can buy Tax-Free goods. Citizens are considered residents outside the EU or Norway if they do not reside or stay permanently in any EU country or Norway. The presence is considered permanent if it lasts for more than six months.

Finnish citizens residing outside the European Union and Norway can get a Tax Refund as well. Finnish citizens qualify for Tax-Free if they purchase within the two weeks before leaving the EU or Norway at least for 6 months. At a shop, Finnish citizens should present their working visas or residence permits as a proof of residence or relocation outside the EU. Buyers are to export the goods out of the EU themselves.

Tax-Free Refund Terms for citizens of Norway

To exercise their right to VAT Refund, citizens of Norway should take their goods as their luggage directly to Norway and pay VAT when importing the goods. After confirmation by the Norwegian customs clearance, the seller can make a Tax-Free sale and refund the tax to the tourist.

The cost of the goods to get a Tax-Free Refund should be at least EUR170, taxes excluded. There should be a single sales receipt for all the purchased goods.

Terms of purchase

  • The minimum purchase price to get a Tax-Free Refund is EUR 40. It may be the cost of one or more items (VAT included) sold under a single receipt.
  • The items should be exported as the buyer's personal luggage within three months from the date of purchase. Note! The purchased items cannot not be used in Finland or the EU.

When do I get the Refund?

You will get your Refund within a few days after we receive your completed Tax-Free Form with the customs seal.

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